Thanks for playing. This is a TETRIS variant game I made for Community Game Jam.


XY for rotation, space for hold, up arrow key for hard drop, and other arrow keys for move.

About game:

If you make a line with a LIAR Tetromino such as L and l(lower L),  the game mode will be switched to LIAR MODE. In that mode, you would get 5x points, but instead more difficult LIAR Tetrominoes would spawn with faster speed. Enjoy.

About development:

I used assets below from Unity Asset Store because I thought they are "the ones that  don't contribute to the game itself but make the workflow easier."

UniRx and Zenject

Sound: I didn't have enough time to make it by myself and my mother helped me with that. Appreciated.

All other assets such as scripts, 3D models, textures, shaders are made by me.

Made withUnity


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Sick game! I love the different direction this game takes. good job :]


You too! thanks a lot.